Debbie Sandler


          Marlboro, New Jersey

Debbie Sandler


Marlboro, NJ 07746

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OUR PROCESS: What you can expect...

A Life Better Organized wants to ensure your experience is worth every penny, therefore, we know it is necessary for you to understand and trust our process.


Phone Consultation: When you contact A Life Better Organized, I will have a short conversation to determine your needs and goals for the spaces in question. Then, I will schedule a free in-home consultation.


Free In-home Consultation: Together we will walk through the areas you mentioned, discuss and identify what your challenges are, and how I can create an organized and functional space that is easy to maintain. If you commit to our services, we will then determine a timeline for completion, a budget that will get the job done, and the steps necessary to tackle our goals.


First Session: I will start by sorting through items in the space and deciding what to keep, discard, donate, and move elsewhere.  We want this to be a positive and liberating experience for you so understand, you're the boss! Your participation depends entirely on you and the project. You can work with me side by side or I can work alone using my expertise in organization and efficiency. I will work within your limits to guarantee the job is tackled and completed. Then, I will create organizational systems that fit your needs.

The objective of every project is to ensure our clients can effectively utilize each space in there home. Our services are not only an investment for your home, but an investment for yourself. 
Organizing Rates
Hourly: Starting at $55 an hour based on the scope of the project. 3 hour minimum unless otherwise noted.
All hours of professional organizing services spent in your home & office also include:
  • A free in-home or office assessment to take measurements, pictures, and discuss goals and styles.
  • Space planning and design if applicable.
  • Selling and consignment assistance.
  • Haul away donation items after session.
  • Communication with client by phone or email during entire process and follow-up after session​.
Shopping and Research
                 $50.00 Flat Fee
Please Note: A Life Better Organized has a knack for thinking out of the box and will often repurpose what  clients already have available for new storage solutions. However, sometimes new items may need to be purchased in order to maximize space and create a uniformed aesthetic. 
After discussing with clients what products will best fit their project budget, and with their approval, we will then shop and research appropriate solutions. This is done outside of, and not during their sessions. Products not used will be returned by ALBO, and an itemized invoice of products used will be given to clients for reimbursement.