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Our Senior Services are not "cookie cutter" they are tailored for your specific needs.

When it comes time for a senior adult to downsize, it's never an easy decision to leave the comfort of a home you've loved for years. The process of relocating to a smaller home, senior living, or memory care facility can be stressful and emotional for everyone involved.


In fact, we understand all too well the emotions involved by this change after experiencing our own journey of downsizing from the home we

loved and lived in for 20 years. 


By offering a well thought out plan, we are able to handle every aspect

of the move and execute it with care,  patience, and empathy. 


You are in good hands with ALBO's Team of

Senior Relocation Specialists

At A Life Better Organized,  you can expect sound advice, guidance, and caring support. We understand and empathize with the challenges associated with downsizing and senior transitions. We believe in conveying a solid communication channel with the client, so they can feel a sense of calm during what can be an otherwise emotional and overwhelming life event. This may also mean sharing communication with today's "sandwich generation", service providers, and care facilities in order to help simplify the moving process for the client, family, and new residence staff. 

A lifetime of stuff.

Now it's time to simplify ... but

where to start?

Streamlining possessions is often the most difficult task for our seniors in the downsizing phase. Especially when sentimental memories are involved. With the respect for the emotions involved toward these treasured possessions we help the client come to terms with their new stage of life, and their smaller living spaces. Our hope is to empower our clients  to make good decisions. Trust ALBO to help you or your loved one identify what is special enough to move with them, what they no longer need, and what they want to pass on to others to cherish as much they did.


You're ready to start a new beginning.

We Make the Journey Easier!

As your senior relocation specialists, we manage your project from start to finish. At our consultation, we'll walk through your home with you to determine an estimated time required to complete your project. With the floor plans of your new home in hand, we help you determine which of your belongings will comfortably fit in your new space. We coordinate all the logistics from hiring and scheduling the movers to supplying the boxes and packing materials. Then we carefully pack & label all the belongings going with you.


On moving day, we will be there to oversee the entire move. Our team will unpack your belongings, giving special attention to where your items were in your former space, making your new home feel familiar and comfortable. Everything will be placed in easy-to-reach spaces starting with the dishes in your kitchen. We'll organize the closets and bathroom all by the end of your move-in day. Then we will thoughtfully hang any art or photos and display your cherished items and decor, just the way you like it.

When everything is put away and boxes are broken down, we welcome you home. Your bed will even be made so you can enjoy a relaxing stress-free first night in your new space.

Not ready to leave the home you love yet? No worries! We also

provide "AGING IN PLACE" services to those clients who prefer

and are able to stay in their current homes.  We can help transform

the home to be safe and organized, with your desired style, so that you can continue to live there, feeling secure and prepared for this time in your life.

If this is you or a loved one, we assist the client with:

  • Sorting and decluttering items accumulated throughout the years.

  • Adapt to changes such as mobility & accessibility 

  • Reorganizing spaces to provide easier reach and use of household items

  • Suggesting creative solutions for preserving your family's legacy and honoring treasured keepsakes

  • We include family, friends, and others in collaboration with your desires


If You're A Senior Facility Director

We work with and support the independent, assisted, memory care and 55+ active adult senior communities. 

If you have available apartments and have incoming residents who need help downsizing or moving from their home to your Community, A Life Better Organized Senior Transition Services can help you.

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