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We finally went and did it... Our new blog with the launch of our new and improved website!

Welcome to my first blog post on the new and revamped website of A Life Better Organized! I'm Debbie Sandler CEO (Clutter Eliminating Organizer) of the Professional Home Organizing and Move Management Company A Life Better Organized. Since our launch almost three years ago, we’ve been on an amazing journey helping others transform their spaces and improve their lives. When we finally got out from under a rock, (what's Instagram?) we launched @alifebetterorganized on social media to reach others who share our passion for function, style, and organization.

And now... “The Blog”

First, I've always wanted to start a blog so I could connect with others, just you and me on a deeper more personal level, but I could never find the time. Then HELLO... -"World Pandemic" and time was all I had. Now here I am, and while my head is spinning with all the ideas I want to blog about, I realize this is all new territory for me. So please bear with me through some trial and error, as well as my affinity for commas and run-on sentences. ( I call it the written gift of gab 🙊.) Likewise, grammar and spelling are definitely not my strong points.😏

What are you going to be seeing more of in my posts?

All things organization of course! But, I'll also be sharing DIY home hacks, budget-friendly ideas, cleaning, and lifestyle tips and tricks, plus shoppable links to my favorite products, and a plethora of inspiration. Are you all excited? Hopefully, there'll be something here that strikes your fancy too. So hang on to your hats peeps, because there's so much goodness coming your way.

And just to show you I consider us friends, I'm going to share a few random things about myself. (Isn't that what friends do?) Then you can share something random about you which will surely make us new besties. See, isn’t this fun already?

Random Things About Me:

1 - I hate walking around barefoot anywhere unless it’s with sand under my feet.

2 - My favorite color is pink, like in blush pink. I’ve recently upgraded from a light pink. (Yes, they are 2 different colors.)

3 - I met my husband in Turks and Caicos while vacationing with a friend. (He’s from Massachusetts)

4 - I'm a Jersey girl but root for all the Boston teams. -duhhh, my husband, remember?😉

5 - I have 3 sons so I balanced the testosterone scale by welcoming 3 girl Miniature Schnauzers into our home (One has since gone over the rainbow bridge).

7 - Number 2 on my bucket list is to travel around the country with my guy in a luxury RV. ( A girl can dream right?)

Well, that’s all I got friends. We are friends now, aren’t we?

I hope you’ll pop in every now and then to catch some of my posts. Please feel free to drop a comment, share your thoughts and stories with me, or even send an email just to say hi. I hope to be a source of inspiration for you, as

you always are for me. I'm so excited about this new adventure and I'm truly looking forward to bringing A Life Better Organized into your hearts.

Until next time - ❌😘 Debbie

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